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    Gansu University of Political Science and Law​

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    Lanzhou Gansu, China​

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    Full Time

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    <10,000 RMB

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English teacher

Lanzhou Gansu, China

About Company:

Introduction of GSUPL

Gansu University of Political Science and Law (hereafter the GSUPL), one of important universities of political science and law in China, is also the only university of this type among Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Tibet Autonomous Region. In 1956, GSUPL was first built as Gansu Political-Legal Cadre School, and it was later renamed as Gansu Institute of Political Science and Law in 1984, offering regular higher education. It has started post-graduate education in 2007 and international education in 2017, and in the same year it has been confirmed as the candidate university for providing doctoral program under the support of People’s Government of Gansu Province. In June 2019, with the approval of Ministry of Education, the school was renamed as Gansu University of Political Science and Law. GSUPL is one of the first batch of national bases for cultivating excellent legal talents and one of the second batch of national bases for practice education, innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is also a member of Legal Alliance founded by the universities of political science and law in 2010.
GSUPL has three campuses, An’ning West Road Campus, Wanxin Road Campus and Lanzhou New District Campus, covering a total area of 71.106 hectares. It has 12 schools, 9 provincial key research bases for Humanities and Social Sciences, 2 provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial scientific research and innovation teams, 1 provincial think tank, 4 provincial centers for experimental teaching demonstration and 6 provincial teaching teams.
Today, GSUPL has 35 bachelor’s programs in 6 fields including Law, Management, Engineering, Literature, Economics, and Art, among which Social Sciences, Management Science, Engineering and Humanities are major disciplines. It also offers advanced degree programs including 3 academic degree programs (master) under the disciplines (Category I) of Law, Business Administration, and Cyberspace Security, 17 academic degree programs (master, Category II) and 4 professional degree programs. Besides, the university has 3 featured majors (Law, Criminal Investigation and Border Administration) at the state level, 13 featured majors at the provincial level, 1 preponderant discipline (Law) in Gansu province, 2 featured disciplines at the provincial level (Evidence Science and Business Administration), 1 first-class undergraduate major at the state level (Law) and 7 first-class undergraduate majors at the provincial level (Social Work, Criminal Investigation, Border Administration, Information Security, Criminal Science, Security and Defense Engineering, Business Administration).
GSUPL now has 10,145 undergraduate students and 876 master’s candidates. Heretofore it has cultivated more than 70,000 professional talents for the society since it started to offer higher education, and among them have emerged a large number of outstanding role models in their respective fields.
GSUPL boasts a strong faculty of learned, devoted teachers with commitment to both teaching and academic pursuits. It now has 1020 faculty and staff, among whom 691 are full-time teachers (461 are full or associate professors, 628 have master’s degrees or above, 250 have doctoral degrees and 69 are pursuing doctoral degrees), and it also has 40 adjunct and guest professors. Among the full-time teachers, 3 enjoy the special allowance from the State Council, 2 are entitled with “National Excellent Teacher”, 3 enjoy the funding from “New Century Talent Support Plan” administered by the Ministry of Education, 4 are selected in the National Advisory Committee for Teaching in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, 5 are recognized as Gansu Leading Talents and 2 as Gansu Excellent Expert, 17 win “Flying Apsaras Award” and 9 “Gansu Gardener Award”, 13 are entitled as “Three 5-year Innovative Talent in Gansu Province” and 1 as “Longyuan Model Teacher ”.
Over the years, having been adhered to the school-running orientation of being rooted in Gansu meanwhile extending to the whole country and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, GSUPL devotes itself into serving the State’s development strategy, the economic and social development, and the rule of law in western China. Advancing with the mission of providing the first-class law programs, the strong-branded management programs and distinctively featured evidence science programs and developing interdisciplinarity, the university has been dedicated to nurturing professional talents with the faith in the rule of law, solid professional knowledge, humanistic feelings, innovative spirit, practical ability and social responsibility.
Setting off on a new journey in the new era, all faculty members and students of GSUPL, bathing in the breeze of higher education reform, are striving hard to build a first-class university of political science and law in western China, a university with a major influence at home and a high reputation among “Belt and Road” countries.

Job Profile:

English teacher for university students majoring in English

Job Details:


teaching oral and written English


1.Bachelor's degree or above in a similar field.
2. special training in language teaching and some experience in language teaching, or have more than two years of teaching experience.
3.from the native country of the language to be taught, and majored in the same field;
4.Obtain a TESOL or TEFL certificate.


1. Provide accommodation
2. no more than 10,000RMB per month
3. medical insurance
4. Ticket subsidies

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