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    The Affiliated High School of Peking University's Dalton Academy​

  • Location

    Beijing, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    20,000-30,000 RMB

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Beijing, China

About Company:

Dalton Academy Profile
The Affiliated High School of Peking University's Dalton Academy is a Chinese government public high school that is co-ed and covers grades 10 through 12. About half the students are residential and the rest are day students. It is located in the heart of Beijing's Silicon Valley. Our mission is to deliver a college preparatory curriculum for students who will attend top-quality universities outside of China in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
Our school is unlike any other in China and around the world. Dalton very much resembles a small liberal arts college with classes that simulate college level seminars. Our academic program is bilingual and informed by world-class frameworks, but not bound to any. Many faculty have advanced degrees and we cherish faculty autonomy in the classroom to decide what should be learned.
Class size is relatively small and class-time is comparatively less to encourage meaningful personalization of learning, both in and beyond the classroom setting. We prioritize experiential learning and acquisition of advanced research methodologies. Solving problems and communication feature prominently in our curriculum.
The Dalton Academy empowers and supports our students. We provide opportunities for student-led courses and off-campus internships. We encourage academic excellence, intellectual passion, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We try to instill in our students a sense of public service, a capacity to achieve success, and to make a difference.
As a member of the Dalton faculty you will teach courses of your own design. We encourage faculty research, publication, and continuous professional development to serve as a model for our students to learn the value of intellectual creativity, risk-taking, and contributing to the social good.

Job Profile:


Fine Arts Department is recruiting a Drama/Theatre Arts teacher. Courses include Theatre Theory and Theatre Practicum. The practical course builds a collective performative discipline through acting training, improvisation, scene work, peer critique and reflection. This course culminates in a significant production. The theory course examines the evolving ideas, practices and ideologies underpinning major works from Ancient Greece through to the present day. Currently the Theatre/Drama position is part-time, the timetable rounded out with other Fine Arts courses or courses in another subject discipline (English Language Arts or Social Studies, for example). The ideal candidate will have demonstrated Drama Teaching experience as well as theatre training and/or professional practice. Any potential teacher would have to be committed to fostering a creative, safe ensemble environment, in which students felt valued as creators and performers.

Job Details:


Key Teaching Responsibilities:

*12 teaching hours with additional 8 office hours for student meetings per week
*Develop curriculum – from course syllabi through unit plans with reference to relevant AP skills and learning objectives
*Create engaging class experiences, differentiated to meet learning needs of all students
*Evaluate learning and track student growth
*Use student achievement data to design future lessons
*Contribute to the growth of the Independent Research program and the Writing Center.
*Onboard the week before classes begin
*Chaperone week-long experiential learning trips inside and outside of China


Desired Qualifications, Experience and Interest
♣ Master’s degree or doctorate in Theatre Arts.
♣ Knowledge of project –based learning, research skills, learning platforms and technology that make content knowledge accessible to students.
♣ Experience conducting formal research
♣ Experience working with English Language Learners (ELL)
♣ Interest in teaching and developing Fine Arts, Social Studies or English Liberal Arts core and/or elective curricula.


Compensation and Benefits:

♣ Two-year initial contract, renewable
♣ Competitive salary, based on commensurate experience
♣ Sponsored and subsidized work visa
♣ Housing stipend
♣ Yearly home-visit flights
♣ International health coverage
♣ Numerous in-house professional development opportunities and yearly stipend

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