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About Us

About us

Chinajob (www.chinajob.com), founded in 1995, is a large-scale professional websites sponsored by the Foreign Talent Research Center, MOST. Its purpose is to develop international human resources and promote international talent exchange. It has a strong software and hardware infrastructure, as well as a professional service team to support the website. It is the first and the most authoritative international talent website established in China.

Why Chinajob?

  • Possess government background and strong policy support
  • Customers are mainly large state-owned and private enterprises, covering almost all industries
  • WeChat public account publishes corporate positions every week and pushes the resumes of outstanding job applicants
  • Resume database of more than 30,000 overseas high-level talents
  • Maintain a long-term good cooperative relationship with domestic mainstream English media (such as China Central Radio and Television)
  • Abundant offline activities, regular foreign talent training and large-scale recruitment events
  • Cooperate with world-renowned job search platforms and headhunting consultants (such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder) to find overseas high-level talents for companies

How to join us?(For Jobseekers)

Two simple steps and you'll interview with the most reputable institutes in China!

梁然(Iris Liang):86-10-58882413

杨佳萌(Christina Yang):86-10-58882453

Email: jobfair@chinajob.com