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    Haitong Talent Resources(Tianjin)Co., Ltd.​

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    Tianjin, China​

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    Full Time

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Research and Development Manager

Tianjin, China

About Company:

Is based on international human resource services, with the introduction of international talent intelligence, communication and service as the goal, with foreign people in China and the Chinese overseas employment, study abroad, immigration, Chinese enterprises overseas group of the related services as the main content of the business, with high quality international human resources agency and overseas colleges and universities cooperate, for the domestic high-quality schools, enterprise, education institutions of international talent exchange, international cooperation in human resources to provide specialization, standardization and internationalization cooperation platform.As an international human resources organization, we provide comprehensive and detailed international services for enterprises

Job Profile:

Medical physics, mechatronics, nuclear technology application and other science and engineering majors are preferred

Job Details:


Working experience in nuclear medicine technology application and nuclear medical device related field is preferred. He has rich experience in nuclear technology application and project research and development, and has some achievements in accelerator manufacturing and accelerator research. Engaged in nuclear medicine or related industries, with a deep understanding of medical imaging or radiotherapy equipment is preferred


1. Sound social insurance (five insurances and one fund).

2. Other welfare subsidies, such as transportation, catering and communication subsidies.

3. A set of perfect work performance reward mechanism.

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