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  • Company

    Guangzhou Zhixin High School​

  • Location

    Guangzhou Guangdong, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    20,000-30,000 RMB

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International High School SAT Maths Teacher

Guangzhou Guangdong, China

About Company:

Guangzhou Zhixin High School is a three-year public high school located in the city of Guangzhou, China. With a five-day boarding program, it follows a semester-based academic calendar. Zhixin High School was founded by then President of Republic of China Sun Yat-sen in 1921, in memory of the democratic revolutionary fighter Mr. Zhu Zhixin. Combining with the Middle School section, there are over 3000 students currently enrolled.
Apart from its selectivity and academic rigor, Zhixin High School is dedicated to extracurricular excellence to cultivate a versatile student body. Students have won top awards in various STEAM competitions. The school’s choir won a Golden Award from 2012 World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna. In addition, Zhixin’s Model United Nations is one of the first high school Model UN societies founded in Mainland China, and enjoys high prestige due to outstanding achievements at multiple international conferences. Zhixin High School values international bonds. Regular exchange programs co-hosted with secondary schools in Germany, England, Israel, Sweden, etc. have promoted cross-cultural communications between Zhixin students and peers from these countries.
Zhixin High School follows the Common High School Curriculum (CHSC) put forward by China’s Ministry of Education. Graduation requires the completion of the Curriculum with a minimum of 144 credit hours.
The International Division of Zhixin High School was founded in 2012 in order to provide students more international courses. If the students decide to study abroad, they can transfer to the International Division from a Regular Class. Students here come from diverse backgrounds, with passport holders from Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, and Sweden.
At our International Division, we offer international courses specifically designed for students who have decided to achieve their bachelor’s degree abroad. We offer social studies courses, math courses, General English/ESL courses, science courses, Chinese language arts courses, global citizenship courses, AP courses, and specialized courses.
Guangzhou Zhixin High School, Ersha International Campus
Guangzhou Zhixin High School is the base for the international exchange and cooperation of education in Guangzhou. The Ersha International Campus serves as a pioneer to experiment on the fusion of Chinese and Western education. It supports the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) by providing diversified curricula to children of top talents, local students who intend to study abroad, and students from sister cities for cultural exchanges. Ersha International Campus is currently under construction that follows first-class standards and is expected to go into service in 2021. The campus is equipped with standard facilities, including labs, auditoriums, stadiums, and maintenance support. There will be College Counseling Center, Student Development Center, Language Center, Teacher Training Center, etc.

Job Profile:

The teacher will Teach SAT math, SAT II math to G11-12 students who take AP courses. And teach one or two elective courses according to the school schedule. Applicants with AP/A-level Economics or AP statistics or AP calculus teaching experience are preferred.Position available starting January/February, 2021.

Job Details:


The teacher will be able to teach our international curriculums such as SAT/AP/A-Level/IB.
-To formulate and carry out lesson plans and course syllabus
-To develop and update teaching materials, improve teaching skills and students' academic performance
-To give students a solid foundation in Subject field to build on through the rest of their education and prepare students for the AP, Pre-AP, A level, IGCSE and examinations.

2. Classroom Management
-The teacher will demonstrate outstanding classroom management skills.
-The teacher will ensure that the students are safe at the class times.
-The teacher will establish a productive learning environment.

2.Lesson Planning
The teacher will submit course syllabus to the department head by set due dates. The syllabus should meet the requirements set by the school.

4. Parent Communication
-The teacher will proactively and regularly offer school report.
-The teacher will provide parents with his WeChat contact info OR email address and will answer the occasional questions, which parents may have, after teaching hours.

5. Working hours
Working hours per week will be forty (40) hours, with two days off according to the school calendar.

6. Additional Teacher Responsibilities
-The teacher will perform office hours apart from teaching hours.
-The teacher will provide reference letters and possibly guidance services to students for their university applications.
-The teacher will participate in teaching staff projects, routine staff meeting, staff training and team building events, as well as any other appropriate meetings/promotional events, as may be reasonably required.
-The teacher will perform all duties and responsibilities listed in this section as well as any additional duties and responsibilities that are assigned by the admins.
-Additional information will be provided during new teacher induction meetings, and during training sessions.


1. Education
-Bachelor’s degree or above (Master is preferred), major in related field.

2. Related Work Experience
At least 2(two) years’ teaching experience in international curriculum/courses such as AP, A-Level, IB;

The ideal teaching candidates will be
-A native English speaker with professional knowledge and skills, standard pronunciation, and long-term cooperation intentions, highly motivated and goal orientation.
-Demonstrate cross-cultural awareness and understanding.
-Understand the difference of teaching systems and methods between Chinese and western.
-Respect and comply with school regulations.


Benefits Included in Gross Package
1. Z-visa sponsored;
2. Buffet is served in the school dining hall twice a day;
3. Insurance:Group Medical,Accident Insurance(arranged through the insurance company)and Spouse Insurance are provided;
4. Holidays: paid Chinese national holidays, plus school holiday (summer & winter holidays) according to the school calendar;
5. Annual physical examination;
6. Birthday, and some holiday presents;
7. Professional staff training and professional development system;

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