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China Foreign Affairs University

  • Location: Beijing, China
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Since its founding in 1955, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) has been dedicated to grooming China’s most promising young minds with global vision and great learning to work for China’s foreign services and for world peace and prosperity. Directly affiliated with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-built by the Ministry of Education, CFAU offers a unique educational experience that prides itself in intellectual integrity and academic excellence.
CFAU adheres to the philosophy that CFAU education should pride itself in diplomatic and international studies with high-level proficiency in foreign languages. CFAU trains its students with “true patriotism and global vision; professional expertise and great proficiency in foreign languages; and high quality and interdisciplinary knowledge”.
CFAU has an about 2,300 student population composed of Ph.D., MA, BA, and more than 100 international students. The University has eight departments and one specialized institute focusing on education & research, including Department of Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs Administration, Department of English & International Studies, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of International Law, Department of Basic Education, Department of Graduate Studies, School of International Economics, School of International Education, and Institute of International Relations. Additionally, CFAU has more than thirty research institutes and centers, including the Institute of Asian Studies, the Institute of International Law, and the Chinese Foreign Policy Studies Center. Students are able to specialize in subjects such as diplomatic studies, English, Translation & Interpreting, French, Japanese, Spanish, International Law, International Economics & Trade, Finance, International Relations and World Politics, etc.

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