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CNNC High Energy (Tianjin) Equipment Co., Ltd (CNHE)

  • Location: Tianjin, China
  • Industry:

Company Overview

CNNC High Energy (Tianjin) Equipment Co., Ltd (CNHE) is the application platform of CNNC a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIRC. It was founded in 2018 and its headquarter is in Tianjin Dongli District.

CNHE has a complete industrial chain from radiation equipment, imaging equipment, radiotherapy equipment to other industrial fields. We actively cooperates with relevant research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad to launch series products with high-quality. Our products including whole equipment, accessories and consumables and we can offer technical support such as industrial irradiation, nondestructive testing, nuclear medical diagnosis, radiotherapy, etc.

CNHE has high and low energy high power electron accelerator, medical cyclotron, SPECT,PET/CT ,γ knife, medical electronic linear accelerator and other products. Taking the advantages of CNNC, the company can provide integrated solutions.

CNHE is willing to exchange and cooperate with people who are interested in the localization and industrialization of nuclear technology and equipment. Our goal is becoming an International first-class nuclear technology equipment manufacturer and service provider, promote Healthy China and make contributions to the development of domestic equipment.